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Notes from NASCIO

  • Posted in: NASCIO Now

    1. Homeland security advisors survey discusses threats and level of preparedness    The National Governors Association ...

  • Posted in: NASCIO Now

    Driverless vehicles. With their alluring promise of leisurely commutes and road trips and the eradication of traffic accidents, ...

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    1. DHS authorization passes Senate Committee  On March 7, the Department of Homeland Security Authorization Act (H.R. 2825) ...

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What Our Members are Saying

Being a member of NASCIO has provided numerous benefits to me professionally and to the State of Tennessee. The most important benefit is having access to a wealth of experience, data, support and knowledge from the NASCIO staff, my fellow State members and the vendor partners. At any time, I can ask for help with an issue or opportunity and receive instant, meaningful and actionable feedback. That continues to be invaluable resource that keeps building and improving.

— Stephanie Dedmon

Deputy CIO

State of Tennessee

Corporate Perspective

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    When agencies transform their IT systems to address the digital imperative, one thing that doesn’t get the attention it deserves ...

  • Posted in: Corporate Perspective community

    As CIOs and State IT leaders, you are well aware that digital transformation in state government is inevitable. As your organization ...

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