NASCIO Releases 2018 Federal Advocacy Priorities

By Yejin Jang posted Jan 26,2018 09:44 AM

Last Thursday, January 18, NASCIO released the association's 2018 federal advocacy priorities, which are: 
  1. Harmonize disparate federal cybersecurity regulations and normalize the audit process 
  2. Recognize state authority and ongoing innovation with emerging technology 
  3. Information sharing and safeguards: meeting citizen expectations 
These priorities were debated and selected by NASCIO's executive committee and signal to our federal and strategic partners the issues on which the association will focus for the year. The priorities chosen for this year probably aren't a surprise. NASCIO spent a large part of 2017 working on advancing the 'harmonizing disparate federal cybersecurity regulations' issue; NASCIO president Bo Reese testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, NASCIO penned an op-ed in The Hill, and sent a letter to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) with the National Governors Association asking for engagement on this issue. As many of you reading this know, federal regulations often hamper the ability of state CIOs to consolidate/optimize state government IT. 

The advocacy priority regarding emerging technology is new for 2018. It's timely because there is increasing interest by federal lawmakers in technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles etc. State CIOs are embracing their collaborative role in evaluating investments regarding networked technology like those mentioned above. NASCIO's position seeks to preserve the ability of state governments to continue to serve as laboratories of democracy. 

NASCIO's continued support for information sharing and NIEM adoption demonstrates state CIOs' continued commitment to data sharing and data analytics. Fact sheets and more information on NASCIO's 2018 advocacy priorities can be found here: