Watch on Washington Top 5- May 2018

By Jang Yejin posted May 25,2018 10:03 AM

  1. State legislators cyber task force meets in Colorado The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Task Force on Cybersecurity held a meeting in Denver, Colorado where NASCIO president Bo Reese spoke about Oklahoma's IT unification efforts. Other agenda items included: budgeting for cybersecurity, case study in Colorado's cybersecurity funding among others. 
  2. NASCIO part of elections cyber advisory group  The Council of State Governments (CSG) has partnered with the Democracy Fund to create an advisory group of state and local officials to address complex elections cybersecurity concerns. The group will host a consortium later this year and will invite CIOs to participate. More info here 

  3. NTIA awards SLIGP 2.0 grants  On May 2, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced that it had made 46 grant awards under the State and Local Implementation Grant Program 2.0. SLIGP 2.0 used leftover funds from original SLIGP grants that expired February 28, 2018; the second round of grants allow for a broader range of planning activities such as assisting state, local, and tribal governments in developing data sharing agreements among others. List of grantees and more here

  4. IRS clarifies scope of safeguards document sharing As follow-up from the 2018 NASCIO Fly-In, the IRS Office of Safeguards released a letter clarifying that state agencies can share safeguards documents with state CIO organizations. The letter is posted on the state CIO and state CISO communities.

  5. AT&T: utility companies can subscribe to FirstNet Utility companies can subscribe to FirstNet as "extended primary" users but would not be eligible to receive preemptive access unless requested by a traditional public-safety entity. Utility communications such as sales and marketing personnel would not be eligible for extended-primary use but those that support first responders, i.e. those that remediate and restore other services during an emergency, may be eligible. Read more here.

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