Progress and promise: The original HIEs

By Timothy Brett posted Mar 02,2012 09:13 AM


Deltek Analyst Stephen Moss reports.

With the other HIE, health insurance exchanges, now taking the market by storm, it is easy to forget the exchange that first caught our attention and dominated our coverage for so long: health information exchanges (HIEs). Indeed, even a cursory glance back at the written analysis of our health care and social services team makes evident the importance of these exchanges. With a nod to our historical work on HIEs, a look at the current procurement landscape, and an examination of a current statewide HIE request for proposals (RFP), one will get a sense of both progress and potential through this latest analysis.

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Our first mention of health information exchanges came back in 2007 as part of a discussion about the cost of health information technology (HIT). At the time, we found that a lack of public policy and opposition from individual physicians was stalling adoption of HIT initiatives like HIEs. In two short years, the country experienced a change of leadership and a great recession, and the public policy will to adopt HIT came to fruition.
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