NASCIO Policy Talk

By Meredith Ward posted Aug 26,2016 11:40 AM

Earlier this year, NASCIO launched an information technology (IT) procurement reform campaign and released 5 recommendations for improved state IT procurement (
* Remove unlimited liability clauses in state terms and conditions 
* Introduce more flexible terms and conditions 
* Don't require performance bonds from vendors 
* Leverage enterprise architecture for improved IT procurement 
* Improve the negotiations process 

The recommendations were endorsed by the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) and the two associations have been working closely on reform efforts in the time since. 

In late July, state chief information officers (CIOs) and state chief procurement officials (CPOs) held a collaborative roundtable to discuss joint efforts and NASCIO and NASPO can work together to achieve meaningful state IT procurement reform. The roundtable focused on some key themes. 

* First, as the owner-operator service delivery model for IT is changing and as states are moving to modern solutions (such as cloud services, managed services and agile development), states must adapt and respond to these forces of change. 
* Second, a successful procurement process is the foundation for a successful project and successful solution, and so getting it right is crucial. 
* Finally, CIOs and CPOs working together from the very start of an idea is critical to the success IT procurement. 

As states continue to work towards a vision of digital government-which comes with the benefits of cost savings, efficiencies and transformation of service-NASCIO and NASPO will continue to work together to improve state IT procurement. 

Have examples of successful state IT procurement projects? We'd love to hear from you. Email Meredith Ward, NASCIO senior policy analyst,