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The New State CIO Operating Model

By Eric Sweden posted Jul 16,2018 03:39 PM


NASCIO has embarked on a new initiative based on work started in the state of Texas and Georgia.  The work in these states has been ongoing for over twelve years.  The initiative in Georgia started about 2006 with the state CIO who was in place at that time, Patrick Moore.  Since then, much has been learned and practiced regarding organizing multiple service providers, multisource integration, and the development of a new operating model for the state CIO to employ in responding to the ever present forces of change.

We introduced the notion of this new operating model in our publication State CIO as Broker: A New Model.  This new operating model is a prerequisite to the future effectiveness of the state CIO in managing the demand for new services and the accelerated pace of arrival of new technologies and methods for delivering services to the marketplace.  The capabilities of the CIO’s organization to operate as a brokerage of services is an essential prerequisite to maximizing the CIO’s influence and leadership in today’s state government environment.  The evolution to a services-based model can be measured, monitored and tracked, giving CIOs a path to operational maturity.  At higher levels of operational maturity this operating model provides the ability to deliver services and respond to new requirements efficiently and effectively.  It enables the state CIO to work with Governors and Legislatures to establish new ways to deliver government services to citizens.

The intent of this new NASCIO initiative is to develop a play book that can be used by all the state and territories to embark on developing their own CIO operating model for managing services and to grow the maturity of that model over time.  This play book will be the main deliverable in this first year of what we consider to be a multi-year effort.  The second installment in our published references on this topic will soon be released.  There will also be a survey of state CIOs and others to pull together an assessment of the current status of state government progress toward this services oriented operating model.  We’ll be holding a discussion on this topic at the NASCIO 2018 Annual Conference.  Please join us for that conference session.

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