The CIO as Broker

By Eric Sweden posted Feb 14,2018 09:17 AM


In recent years, NASCIO has identified trends and opportunities that have informed and guided CIOs around the nation. One of the most important references produced in this regard is the NASCIO Annual CIO Survey. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, the survey reports on Business Models, Sourcing and the CIO as Broker. The survey results presented in these references clearly demonstrate a portfolio of new approaches and the need for new skills and capabilities for managing a broad portfolio of services. 

The 2015 NASCIO Annual CIO Survey presents that 85% of state CIOs see themselves as a “broker” of services, delivering solutions that must integrate multiple offerings, platforms, suppliers and the CIO’s own internal organization. 
In state governments, CIOs must have their own “Operating System” to lead change while managing the complexity of stakeholder demands, customer needs and technology markets. 

To update this data, NASCIO recently sent this same question out to state CIOs to learn how this either continues to be the trend or if there has been any change in the expectation for this role of the CIO. From recent responses to that question, more CIOs are now functioning primarily as a broker of services. So the trend continues.

NASCIO is working collaboratively with corporate partner Integris Applied to explore this topic during the coming months through state visits. This study will help CIOs build an “Operating System” to support their role as leaders within the state government enterprise. It will discuss skills, capabilities, and toolsets needed to help CIOs navigate the integration and delivery of services and solutions within their organization, and how to use that platform to improve the citizen experience.

This work will culminate at the time of the Annual Conference with a report, webinar and conference session on the findings and recommendations for moving forward in this relatively new management discipline. Stay tuned –and thank you in advance! We may be calling you to schedule an interview at the Midyear Conference or to schedule a state visit. We look forward to working with you on this effort.