Blockchains - Coming Your Way!

By Eric Sweden posted Jun 15,2017 03:09 PM


Blockchain seems to be a magic word to open conversations in almost every sector.  That's certainly the case in state government.  NASCIO will be presenting a trend setting  webinar on June 22nd with the team from the Illinois Blockchain Initiative.  States are constantly looking for ways to improve the delivery of government services using secured, reliable channels that protect our citizens identity and which prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

Blockchain technology and economics are transformational and will require some transformational activities in preparation for employing blockchains.  Most of the activity will be focused on the technology.  But looming on the horizon are the economic opportunities and impacts.  For now, we watching states like Illinois to learn the benefits and the challenges related to blockchains.  Running in parallel with state activity in this space are the initiatives in industry.  Some of NASCIO's corporate partners have their own blockchain initiatives and we'll be learning from these initiatives going forward.

The NASCIO Enterprise Architecture & Governance Committee has been spending much of our monthly conference calls talking about blockchains.  We've had presentations from a variety of companies in addition to the state of Illinois.  Most recent was a presentation from Mark Fisk, a partner with IBM and IBM's Blockchain Leader.  All of these presentations are archived in the library for the EA&G Online Community.  So with the energy and investment behind blockchain initiatives, there are new job roles and job titles.  Will there someday be a Chief Blockchain Officer or some similar title?  Possibly.

Be sure to download our first issue brief on this topic and read our early recommendations and key questions. Blockchains Moving Digital Government Forward in the States

We welcome your ideas and your participation in our ongoing discussion of blockchain.  We're recruiting presentations from all our members.  Stay tuned, there is more coming....